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19 May 2017
Singapore gets a Gigantic Luxury Car Vending Machine
You can now buy cars through a vending machine! It’s as easy as buying a can of Coca-Cola or packet of Simba chips. Well, at least in Singapore…
18 May 2017
Breaking News: GM Pulls Out of the South African Market
General Motors has announced its shocking withdrawal from the South African market. The American auto-giant plans to stop building and selling Chev...
15 May 2017
12 Major Cities Driving towards Car-Free Zones
Major cities around the world are aiming to kick ALL diesel cars out by 2025, and eventually take the car-free plunge to create more pedestrian spa...
12 May 2017
8 Mother's Day Gifts for High-Tech Driving Moms
Mother’s Day is approaching and you’ve probably been wondering, “What can I get my mom?” “Maybe something that will add value to her life?”
11 May 2017
Can Ride-Sharing Reduce Traffic in the Mother City?
Peak hour is basically the worst time to be behind the steering wheel, especially if you’re the only one in the car. With mass production in cars a...
09 May 2017
Baby On Wheels: 6 Tips for Pregnant Drivers
If you’re en-route to starting a new family - pregnant that is - it’s probably time to adapt to your new life, as well as to the life inside you, b...
05 May 2017
Feeling 'Junk' about SA's Status Downgrade? 3 Ways to Combat!
South African motorists have been feeling the ‘junk’ energy since the country’s downgrade to junk status, by international credit rating agencies.
04 May 2017
The New Age: Dogs Enter the Automotive Industry
Dogs are attracting the eyes of vehicle designers and manufacturers. The result? Nissan has offered dogs a great ‘paw’ deal when it comes to cars, ...
02 May 2017
Petrol vs Diesel – Which to Choose?
When purchasing a car, there are many factors to consider. One of the most important is deciding whether you’re going to select a petrol or diesel ...