The creation of public road transportation has played a vital role in contributing to the growth of Modern South Africa. However, the country’s economic growth has led to high statistics of road accidents; not only involving motor vehicles but also pedestrians. But, the Road Accident Fund (RAF) has provided a safety net for situations like these.

If you have been in a car accident, due to the negligence of the other driver, you and your loved ones involved may lodge a claim with the Road Accident Fund. The benefit of this is that those injured can use the Fund’s financial assistance in aim to pay expensive medical bills and the wages they have lost. The RAF is funded by a fuel levy included in the prices of diesel and petrol prices.

Prior to the RAF, the effect of road accidents on society and the economy has been ignored for years. The Road Accident Fund has therefore been implemented as a ‘state-supported’ insurance to cover road accident victims.

The RAF offers compulsory social insurance coverage to South African road users. These include members of the society, as well as other citizens and foreigners. The purpose of the RAF is to provide security during accident injury and death, that may transpire within South African borders. The Fund is therefore an indemnity insurance to the victim and family members casualty to the accident event.