Selling a vehicle privately with attractive ads on sites like Gumtree and OLX means dealing with the hassle of consistent calls, meeting malicious strangers, handling dodgy test drives, and falling victim to scams, fraud or even theft!

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Before you speed-off to place up “sell my car online” or “sell my car quickly” advertisements on online classifieds, consider the safety risks of doing so.

Many online second hand car sellers have fallen victim to car crimes by:

  • Selling a vehicle through a so called ‘agent’.
  • Robbers posing as potential car buyers at your home or in a dodgy isolated area.
  • Identity theft.   

Here are 9 safety risks to watch out for when you sell your car online.

  1. Advertising your personal information: With online classifieds, you’re forced to leave a few personal details - identity thieves thrive off this.
  2. Social media: Once your name is up on online classifieds, it’s easy for malicious people to find you through social media.
  3. Fraudulent transactions: Scammers tend to send a fake cheque with too much money and ask the car seller to wire the difference.
  4. Car theft: Most car sellers feel obligated to hand over the keys as soon as they’re promised that the money has been deposited and before they see the money in their account.
  5. Fake identity: Fraudsters create fake identity profiles on the Internet and social media platforms to seem legitimate when car sellers search them up on Google.
  6. Hacking for the fun of it: Cyberbullies make it a living to hack into wireless networks, send spam emails with virus hyperlinks and crash PC’s.
  7. Hit-and-run: Malicious car thieves tend to create a fake address and provide incorrect contact details to ensure that they cannot be tracked when they steal a used car during a test drive.
  8. Car export scams: Scammers generally come across with a sense of urgency, unnecessary or private information, and upfront payments.
  9. Meeting up in dodgy isolated areas: An unknown area where thieves can steal the car and leave you without help.

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