How do I Sell my Used Car with Guaranteed Safety?

Selling a vehicle has never been safer!

When selling a vehicle, most car sellers' number one concern is the safety of the car selling process.

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We get it! The interested car buyer promises a deal that's too good to be true and pulls out all the stops to ensure your process is convenient by going according to your daily schedule. But, are you guaranteed the safety of your private car sale?

Trading-in your used car to a dealership may seem like the easiest way out, and so might selling your secondhand car online on online classifieds be. But, have you considered the safety risks of trading-in to dealers buying used cars or the safety risks of selling your used car to any first, interested, random person?

Well CarZar has and we’re here to provide you with the ins and outs of selling a vehicle with guaranteed safety!

Do your research. The more your know about the person you’re meeting, the less eggshells you’ll be walking on - so try to verify as much as you can about the person buying your car for cash on Google. While you’re at it, perform research about the value of your car to dodge greedy scammers. But, why not test out CarZar’s convenient tool that allows you to calculate the value of your car online for free? It anyway takes about 60-seconds.

Be vigilant. Just as important keeping an eye out for flashing dashboard warning lights are, if you get the slightest hesitation about meeting up with a particular car buyer then trust your gut and cancel the viewing.

It’s always best to have collateral. Surely, the car buyer might want to test drive the second hand car before getting locked into any private car sale deal. Take a trusted vehicle inspector with you to meet the secondhand car buyer, to reduce the risk of any bad intentions that might have came.

Meet up in a public location, during the daytime. If you’re meeting with a potential car buyer, then make sure there are people coming and going, while the sun is still up. We’d suggest a shopping mall, populated parking bay or any one of CarZar’s most convenient Car Buying Centres across South Africa.

If you’re not keen on test driving your car with the car buyer, you can also hold onto the their keys during the test drive, to ensure they come back. Alternatively, you can say no to a test drive request.

Hold onto your keys until the end of the car sale. Before handing over your car, make sure to either get cash for cars or wait until you receive a bank notification confirming that the money is in your account.

Trading-in a car versus selling a vehicle. There’s a great chances you’ll encounter safety risks during the payment process. However, car sellers who have gone through online car buying services, like CarZar, have provided testimonials about money received instantly and straight into their bank account.

At CarZar, we secure your entire car selling process. We buy cars for cash, ensure that you sell your secondhand car online seamlessly and make a safe payment to you with a convenient bank transfer. That means your safety and convenience comes first.

Avoid the safety risks of selling a vehicle privately or trading-in and get a free instant online quote. If you want to sell your car to us, then you can book an obligation-free inspection at your preferred Car Buying Centre or location, and we’ll make an instant payment. We will also perform all administrative formalities. Our car buying services are 100% free!

No haggle, no hassle.

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