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Alfa Romeo opened for business in 1910. Since then, they have added style to roads all around the world. It is one of the only automakers to incorporate a religious symbol in their logo (a Christian cross). It seems fitting that many Alfa owners describe driving their cars as a spiritual experience.

About Alfa Romeo Vehicles

They are cars of flair and passion. Their Italian heritage shines through in all their vehicles. Alfas are the cars for enthusiasts that seek the spirit of Ferrari but cannot afford the eye-watering price. Their range of vehicles offers the glamour of Italy’s finest at a reasonable price.

It takes a particular kind of person to choose Alfa. Many of their rivals have options that are more practical, reliable and technologically sophisticated. But Alfistis (as Alfa drivers are affectionately known) aren’t worried about that. They are concerned with beauty, feeling and passion. Alfa Romeo is a brand that requires a deep emotional connection.

Alfa Romeo Resale Value Analysis

The Italians are not strong performers in terms of resale value. They have a reputation for being unreliable, particularly Alfas produced pre-2008. That year, Alfa launched the MiTo supermini to herald a new era of design and production. The plan to produce cars as reliable as they are beautiful is well underway, but their reputation hasn’t caught up yet.

Retaining Value

Alfa Romeo is an extremely desirable brand to a select group of people. However, the people that are not part of that group have little interest in owning an Alfa. They are widely praised for their commitment to style, but most people are content to admire from a distance. Don’t expect a brilliant return on your investment, but CarZar will offer you a fair price when you look to sell your Alfa.

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