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Audi’s rise to prominence in the private market during the 1990s is no coincidence. They are true pioneers in the motoring world. In the 1930s, Audi conducted the first-ever crash test and made a racecar that exceeded 420 kph. They were the first to introduce dual-clutch transmissions and AWD to their rally cars. Such innovation has helped them gain a strong reputation today.

About Audi Vehicles

Audi had to play catch-up for years. Mercedes-Benz and BMW were the established executive names and challenging such prestigious names was extremely difficult. Customers seeking luxury chose Mercedes and those looking for dynamism opted for BMW. Audi’s masterstroke was pitching their cars as a compromise between the two.

Their vehicles concentrate on subtlety, comfort and efficient performance. They tend to be discreet and draw admiring glances from the keen observer who values understated quality. Their interiors are the best in the business and are enjoyed by driver and passenger alike. Where others like to make a scene, Audi approach is far more considered.

Audi Resale Value Analysis

They are strong sellers. Audi appeals to a wide range of people and the brand has few enemies. Few people would avoid them on principle because there is very little to disagree with. A subtle product that prioritises efficiency and quality has widespread appeal. They are great cars with the reputation to match. Demand is high and resale value is solid, with the exception of the fiery RS versions. You’ll lose a lot of money on those.

Retaining Value

You can expect a decent return on your investment when looking to sell your Audi. South Africans trust them and the resale value on their vehicles reflects that. Their market share has improved steadily over the years and when it comes time to sell, you should have no regrets.

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