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The Germans have opened in 1916 making aeroplane engines. They started to build passenger cars in the mid-20th century and arrived in South Africa with the 5-Series in 1974. They are at the forefront of electric car technology, having built an all-electric car in 1972 and launching their electric supercar, the i8, in 2014.

About BMW Vehicles

The brand is synonymous with rear-wheel drive and only launched its first front-wheel drive car in 2015 - the 2-Series Active Tourer. Their bias towards the driver has made BMW a favourite for customers looking for a premium vehicle that offers dynamic driving, even in entry-level guise.

They place more emphasis on an engaging drive than their competitors. The priorities that Mercedes-Benz (luxury and comfort) and Audi (quality and subtlety) place on their cars has created a titanic battle between the three German giants. They are closely-priced and match one other model for model.

BMW Resale Value Analysis

Recent years have seen BMW enforce their reputation by improving the off-road ability of their X-range vehicles. In 2009, they pioneered the Sports Activity Coupe by launching the popular X6. It has succeeded in a market that approves of imposing vehicles.

BMW is a desirable brand. Their appeal results in a respectable resale value. This is helped when there are lots of ticks in the options column. A BMW with automatic lights and wipers, sunroof and a M-Sport bodykit will have a willing buyer even if it’s a few years old.

Retaining Value

The unique rivalry between Germany’s big three has pushed them to push the compromise between drivability and luxury to the limit. The trademark kidney grille has been of our roads for over 40 years. You can expect a good return on your investment should you look to sell your BMW.

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