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Chevrolet is one of America’s most famous car brands and was founded in 1911. They are sold in two out of every three countries in the world, with different vehicles available depending on the demands of that particular market. Sadly, the Impala family saloon is not available in South Africa despite being named after the antelope native to our grasslands.

About Chevrolet Vehicles

The brand is synonymous with the American Dream, muscular V8s and Hollywood. Unfortunately, South Africa’s relationship with Chevrolet is not as romantic. There are no Camaros or Silverados on our roads. We do have one V8 - the Lumina SS pickup - but horrendous fuel consumption and questionable interior quality have harmed its reputation.

That is not to say the Chevrolets in South Africa are bad cars - far from it. They are affordable, efficient and relatively well-equipped. We make do with the honest vehicles that arrive from South Korea - city cars like the Spark, family SUVs like the acclaimed Trailblazer and light commercial vehicles. They provide good value in a market where value can be difficult to find.

Chevrolet Resale Value Analysis

Chevy isn’t as desirable here as it is in America because the glamorous models that feature in blockbuster films are not available here. Their cars compete for local market share with Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda and Hyundai. These names generally create higher demand locally and Chevrolet’s won’t match them on resale value but will beat quirky brands like Citroen and Peugeot.

Retaining Value

The American automaker scores well when it comes to retaining value. Their cars are reliable and uncomplicated and they are a solid investment despite not being desirable. You can expect a decent return on your investment when looking to sell your Chevy.

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