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Chrysler is an American car manufacturer that was founded in 1925. They have their headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan and are the smallest of the ‘Big Three’ American car companies, behind Ford and General Motors.

About Chrysler Vehicles

The Americans are a big deal in the States, but the same cannot be said for their presence in South Africa. As it stands, they only offer us two options: the 300C and the Grand Voyager. Both models have had limited success on our shores. The 300C is a big, impressive saloon that borrows design cues from Bentley. However, it is priced dangerously close to the Audi A6, BMW 5-Series and Mercedes E Class, but is not as accomplished or refined. The Grand Voyager is a tried-and-tested MPV but South Africans avoid this type of vehicle. We tend to choose SUVs instead, which have the same levels of practicality and versatility, but more presence.

As a country, we have learnt to expect better quality for the money these cars cost, especially with the materials used in the interior. Chrysler has improved in this regard, but the market may take a while to reflect that. Their engines are powerful, but they trail behind their rivals in terms of refinement and fuel economy.

Chrysler Resale Value Analysis

The Americans do not have great resale value in South Africa. They are not competitive in the new market and that lack of success filters into the secondhand market. They are likely to lose over 50% of their value in two years. This creates an opportunity to pick up a good deal on a pre-owned, low-mileage Chrysler.

Retaining Value

Low desirability, low demand and lack of competitive products mean that Chrysler cars are not known for retaining value. Don’t expect a great return on your investment if you look to sell, but CarZar will offer you a fair price when the time comes.

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