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Citroën was founded in 1905 and the quirky French automaker has been pushing boundaries ever since. They were the first to introduce double helical gears in cars and the v-shaped Citroën logo is a tribute to this innovation. It would be the first of many.

About Citroën Vehicles

Citroën has earned its reputation as a company that plays by its own rules. Their cars are some of the most recognisable on the road and offer a level of individuality that few brands can match. Citroën offer its customers a wide range of models that includes hatchbacks, minivans, sedans, and even commercial trucks. Their stylish DS range has injected some of the fun and style that characterised the brand for years, but went missing in the 1990s and early 2000s

They are known to be extremely comfortable cars that offer a high level of standard specification. Citroën also produces some of the safest cars on our roads and the entry-level C1 is recognised by the AA as being the safest car available for less than R150 000.

Citroën Resale Value Analysis

Our market favours cars that are regarded as more reliable or prestigious. Citroën occupies an odd niche in the market, being priced somewhere in between options from Japan and Germany. The appearance of their cars also splits opinion. Their reputation for scarce spare parts has compromised their local reputation and resale value is not great in this country.

Retaining Value

The eccentric French carmaker has divided opinion for decades. They are extremely popular in mainland Europe but that affection has not filtered down to South Africa. Despite a reputation for generous standard specification and exemplary safety ratings, don’t expect a good return on your investment when you look to sell. However, CarZar will offer you a competitive price.

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