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Diahatsu is a Japanese automaker and a subsidiary company of Toyota. It was founded in 1907 and specialises in making compact cars built for purpose.

About Daihatsu Vehicles

The Japanese car manufacturer is known for making cars that undermine more expensive alternatives. For example, the Terious compact SUV offers the same level of off-road capabiltiy as 4x4s two or three times the price. The Copen boutique coupe offers drop-top fun for two at a fraction of the cost of sportscars that decorate bedroom walls. In short, Daihatsu has made a name for itself by offering compelling, entry-level options that provide their drivers with the same opportunities on offer from brands deemed more desirable or exclusive.

Despite having a strong presence in South Africa, Daihatsu removed themselves from our market in 2015. No new Daihatsus are available for purchase. Official statements from the company claim that this action was taken in order to focus on Asian markets, where the brand generally performs better.

Daihatsu Resale Value Analysis

The fact that the loveable brand pulled out of South Africa does not necessarily mean that customer support will decrease. Toyota are their parent company and Daihatsu borrows many parts from them. Whilst a slow and steady phase-out can be expected to happen over time, Daihatsu owners can rest easy for now. Resale value should remain strong for a while yet.

Retaining Value

Daihatsu cars retain their value well. They are priced attractively and have the trust of our market. South Africans may feel slightly betrayed that they are no longer selling new cars here, but the secondhand market should still thrive. Expect a good return on your investment if you look to sell.

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