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Fiat was founded in 1899 and their headquarters are located in Turin, Italy. The brand was launched by a group of investors, making Fiat one of the few car companies that didn’t start out as a family business. They are the head of a group that includes Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo.

About Fiat Vehicles

The people’s car of Italy exploded onto the scene in the mid-20th century with the launch of the fabled Fiat 500. The tiny hatchback is credited with making cars accessible to the working and middle classes across Europe. It was cheap, cheerful and very successful. Decades later, Fiat released the new-and-improved Fiat 500 for the 21st century. The stylish supermini is as much a fashion accessory as it is a car. In a market where individuals want to express themselves and promote their individuality, the Fiat 500 has proved a resounding success.

They are more anonymous in the other segments of the market. Potential customers often choose cars that are deemed better value or more reliable. That is not to say that the 500 is the only good car Fiat makes; just that their offerings in other segments are not as compelling as the alternatives from Germany and Japan.

Fiat Resale Value Analysis

The 500 is a solid seller, but Fiat struggles in the resale department throughout the rest of their range. They are not prolific sellers in South Africa and despite being available here for many years, they do not have full trust of our market. Like Alfa, they are regarded as being stylish without enough substance to back it up.

Retaining Value

Unfortunately, Fiats in SA do not retain their value particularly well and their reputation is less than perfect. Whether they deserve that or not is up for debate, the fact that you shouldn’t expect a decent return when you look to sell is not. However, CarZar will make a competitive offer for your Fiat.

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