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Ford is the world’s largest family-owned business and fifth-largest automaker. The blue oval that has become synonymous with the brand was designed in 1907 and is instantly identifiable all around the world.

About Ford Vehicles

It is a legendary car brand with a rich heritage. The Model T was the first mass-produced car in history. The Mustang has been the quintessential muscle car since the 1960s. The Escort Cosworth is one of the most renowned rally cars in motorsport.

Ford is not resigned to the history books. In 2015, the Ranger became the first bakkie to outsell the Toyota Hilux in over a decade. The current Ford Fiesta ST is Richard Hammond’s favourite hot hatch. The 2016 Focus RS has a ‘drift’ mode, which is bizarre and brilliant in equal measure. They have compelling options in every class, from the friendly Figo to the stunning Mustang, and strive to offer the buyer something different. If a Toyota Etios feels too ordinary, get a Figo. If a Golf GTI is too typical, try the Focus ST.

Ford Resale Value Analysis

Ford has endeared itself to South Africans through sheer consistency. The Americans offer a different value proposition than most brands. They are one of the few carmakers producing an entire fleet of great cars.

That theme defines Ford’s presence in South Africa perfectly. They are rarely the default choice in each class, but they always provide a fun, reliable alternative that is genuinely compelling. Their level of consistency in this regard has resulted in a strong reputation and solid resale value.

Retaining Value

Ford vehicles are solid and retain their value really well. You can expect a good return on your investment when you look to sell because people want them and Ford is converting more and more people into Ford-only buyers.

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