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Honda produces the most combustion engines in the world and is the second largest carmaker from Japan. It was the first manufacturer to introduce a four-wheel-drive car and pioneered the trend of in-house luxury car partners when they launched Acura. Unfortunately, Honda’s luxury arm has not yet found its way to South Africa.

About Honda Vehicles

Honda differentiates itself through the bravado that characterises the brand. Along with Mazda, they are the antithesis to the conservative Japanese car brands. They take risks with the styling of their cars. Few designs have divided opinion like the Civic of the mid-2000s.

Whichever side of the fence you find yourself, Hondas are certainly not boring. The compromise between bold styling and reliable engineering makes it one of the most reputable brands in the world. Honda drivers know that for the first 100 000 kilometres, the car is just warming up - even on our roads.

Honda Resale Value Analysis

The renowned automaker produces an excellent calibre of vehicles. They are solid, reliable and efficient. You get more value for money than with German brands, who charge extra for features that could be standard. This trait has become synonymous with Japanese brands and is part of why South Africans love them. Honda is at the top when it comes to reliability, having been voted the world’s most reliable car brand by This is Money UK for nine years running.

They further endeared themselves to locals by making mini-generators available to the public when loadshedding was happening all the time. If it becomes a theme again in the future, you know where to go.

Retaining Value

Honda’s foolproof reputation means they can afford to be bold without compromising the integrity of their brand. There is no dispute regarding the quality of their cars. They retain value in SA almost as effectively as Toyotas do. The only reason Honda does not rank higher is because they take risks when designing their cars. We commend them for that.

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