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Hyundai has attacked the industry aggressively since their 1967 launch in Seoul, South Korea. They have made their mark by selling their cars in 197 countries worldwide and featuring in the top 100 most recognisable brands in the world. They are also a principal sponsor of the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro football tournaments.

About Hyundai Vehicles

The Koreans had a reputation for building decent, but boring, cars. No longer. In 2006, Hyundai convinced the VW Group’s lead designer to join them. They have benefitted from Peter Schreyer’s experience in Europe ever since and all their cars are perceived to be closer in appeal and quality to the desirable European equivalents.

The brand has become impossible to ignore. Hyundai has noted what consumers need and their cars reflect that understanding. Their portfolio includes competitive and compelling options in every class, from the clever i10 city car to the head-turning Tucson compact SUV.

Hyundai Resale Value Analysis

Hyundai’s desirability has lead to an increase in demand and their resale value is improving with their reputation. In February 2016, they showed their commitment by introducing a seven year/200 000km warranty - a global industry first. The confidence that Hyundai has in itself has resulted in consumer trust. People are aware that Hyundai provides great value for money vehicles on the market.

Retaining Value

Everything that Hyundai has done for the last 10 years has lead to their strong position in South Africa today. They have invested significantly in design, customer service and marketing. The company is increasing their market share on local shores and providing compelling competition for Japanese and European brands alike. Their resale value has always been solid and you can expect further improvements in the years to come.

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