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Isuzu was unofficially founded in 1916 and has gone on to produce over 22 million diesel engines in a 100 year period - more than any other company in the world. Their bakkies and light commercial vehicles have been in South Africa for over 40 years and we absolutely love them.

About Isuzu Vehicles

They are the oldest car company from Japan, which may come as a surprise. They are masters at producing diesel engines and have built units for Toyota, Honda, Mazda and General Motors. The fact that such reputable companies trusted Isuzu to manufacture engines for them speaks volumes about how highly the company is regarded.

Isuzu is unique because they specialise in off-road vehicles. The latest KB pickup is the sixth generation and though it has never beaten the Toyota Hilux for sales, it is known to be equally tough and reliable. There is an argument that the KB is actually better because Isuzu only produces utility vehicles. The KB is renowned for its towing strength, high load capacity and its ability to travel for hundreds of thousands of kilometres without any fuss.

Isuzu Resale Value Analysis

Isuzu vehicles come highly recommended. They are strong performers in the secondhand market and have solid resale value. Our market also favours off-roaders and utility vehicles, which always helps. We are big fans of cars that are highly reliable but also low maintenance and Isuzu ticks both boxes.

Retaining Value

Isuzu offers an excellent range of utility vehicles to suit your needs. The KB double cab is a good option for adventurous families and the rest of the range suits various commercial applications. They are reliable, tough and well-equipped. South Africans trust Isuzu, so you can expect a good return on your investment when you look to sell.

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