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Jeep is synonymous with driving off-road and they’ve come a long way since the first prototype in 1940. In fact, any vehicle with 4WD that could cope with harsh terrain was called a Jeep until the American brand officially claimed the name. Their battle with Land Rover continues to this day.

About Jeep Vehicles

The American manufacturer has made progress since its military beginnings. Civilians envied the go-anywhere ability of early Jeeps, so the company began making them commercially. The modern Wrangler closely resembles the original military-spec vehicle and that rugged charm represents freedom, adventure and strength.

They have more well-rounded offerings these days. The Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and Renegade are popular in South Africa. We consume plenty American culture and we’re fond of their products. Adventure and exploration is imbedded in many of us and modern Jeeps provide a fantastic compromise between everyday comfort and off-road ability.

Jeep Resale Value Analysis

The brand has a no-nonsense reputation and they are purpose-built. Jeep is also willing to listen to the needs of the people. We wanted luxury and on-road etiquette, so they gave us the Grand Cherokee. We asked for an entry-level Jeep that offers reasonable access to the brand and they gave us the Renegade crossover.

This attitude creates a one-brand culture and Jeeps drivers often refuse to buy anything else. The brand is trusted and has decent resale value as a result. Jeeps are comparable with the best performing SUVs on the market in terms of resale value.

Retaining Value

A Jeep is a solid investment as far as buying a car is concerned. They have a reputation for toughness and their heritage is legendary. You can expect a fair return on your investment when you look to sell.

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