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Roughly translated, Kia means ‘rising from Asia’ and the Seoul-based manufacturer is certainly doing that. South Korea is becoming a major player as far as the automotive industry is concerned and together with Hyundai, Kia is leading the charge.

About Kia Vehicles

The second-largest Korean carmaker has been reworking its image. They have transformed from a maker of mundane-but-capable cars into one that makes exciting products. Kias have gone from ordinary to attractive in a few short years. The best example is the Cerato Koup, which is a genuine pleasure to behold. Progress hasn’t stopped at the exterior either, because Kia produces some of the best interiors in their price bracket.

It’s a stark contrast from 10 years ago. People were buying Kia because it made financial sense. Often, it was because the car they wanted was out of their budget. Now, Kia is respected because they make cars that their owners are proud of. The Rio and the Sportage are particularly popular in South Africa and it’s easy to see why. They’re very good cars.

Kia Resale Value Analysis

The Koreans are solid performers. Their cars do not possess spectacular resale value, but few cars do. They have always been regarded as good value for money which usually results in decent resale value, but there needs to be a certain level of desirability about the brand to be amongst the best. Kia’s desirability is growing with their reputation, so expect their resale value to do the same in the not-too-distant future.

Retaining Value

Kias retain their value reasonably well. You can expect a fair return on your investment when you look to sell, especially if the model is post-2012 (when the current design language started being implemented). Kia is a car manufacturer that deserves to be taken seriously and more people are realising that every day.

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