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Lexus was born in 1989 as the luxury arm of proud parent company Toyota, who wanted market share in the premium segment dominated by European names. They have proven to be quick learners, constantly tweaking their products to suit the needs of the 70-odd countries where Lexus is sold.

About Lexus Vehicles

Lexus is not simply Toyota in fancier clothes. It is a completely different product aimed at a different target market. Lexus vehicles are more striking visually, have superior performance statistics, use more premium materials and come equipped with a myriad of safety and comfort features. Their level of standard specification is generally higher than the competition. Their cars are visually striking, but hard lines and sharp angles are not to everyone’s taste.

They have taken the fight to the Big Three from Germany in a big way. Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi have cemented their excellent reputations worldwide and competing for market share with them is difficult. Lexus offers a genuine alternative to the established triumvirate and provides compelling options if you’re looking for a premium vehicle in any segment.

Lexus Resale Value Analysis

At this point, being backed by one of the two largest automakers in the world (Toyota and the VW Group regularly exchange top spot) is an advantage. They possess an extensive dealer network and parts are readily available. It is difficult to match Toyota for resale value, especially as a premium brand, but Lexus performs well in this regard.

Retaining Value

They do not have the prestige associated with Germany’s Big Three, but the way they are attacking the market means that it’s only a matter of time. With the ability to lean on parent company Toyota for support and a rising reputation, Lexus retains value with the best of the premium car brands. Expect a solid return on your investment when you look to sell.

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