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Mahindra is an automaker from India that was founded in 1945. Headquartered in Mumbai, they rank in the top 20 of India’s most powerful companies. Their range is dominated by SUVs and MPVs and they are the world’s most prolific supplier of tractors.

About Mahindra Vehicles

The Indian automaker is something of a maverick, particularly in South Africa. Their cars take up the ‘entry-level’ mantra in most segments because they are cheap and are not equipped with an extensive comfort or safety features. The major reason for this is because Mahindra’s goal has been to cater to the needs of India and similar countries. These nations are developing and a large number of people are moving from obscurity to the working class and from the working class to the middle class. Mahindra makes cars that cater for these needs. Their cars are basic, functional and get the job done.

They have been criticised for the appearance of their cars, but this is always going to be a question of taste, which differs from person to person.

Mahindra Resale Value Analysis

Mahindra only arrived in South Africa in 2004 and haven’t yet gained the total trust of our market. Companies that do not arrive with a bulletproof reputation are always going to struggle here. Just over 30 000 Mahindras have been sold here since they arrived but despite this, most South Africans don’t know someone that drives one.

Retaining Value

Demand for Mahindra is relatively low and they are not the most desirable brand, but they retain their value quite well. They are very affordable, which means that a Scorpio can lose the same percentage of its value as a BMW X5 over a three year period, but the loss in rand value will be much lower. Expect a fair return on your investment if you look to sell.

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