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Mercedes-Benz has led technological advancements in cars for decades. When the flagship S-Class launches a new feature, it will be 10 years before you see it in a Golf. Mercedes pioneered gullwing doors, crumple zones and radar-guided cruise control, amongst other advancements.
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Mercedes is a byword for luxury. The three-pointed star is a status symbol worldwide, and especially in South Africa. Owning a Mercedes makes you feel special. The impressive exterior design cues, characterised by the signature, sweeping nose, is a big part of that. But where Mercedes really excels is with interiors; combining leather, metal and wood to create the class-leading cabins that they are renowned for.

The German giants manufacture some of the finest engines in the world, from their frugal but powerful BlueEfficiency diesel units to the thunderous AMG-spec V8. The discontinued 6.3L V8 found in pre-2015 AMG models is considered one of the finest-sounding engines in the world.

Mercedes Resale Value Analysis

You shouldn’t struggle to sell your Mercedes. They are desirable and sought after, like old rivals Audi and BMW. They arrived in South Africa over 60 years ago and have cemented their reputation. South Africans trust them and revere them. The social status that surrounds Mercedes will ensure that they remain solid sellers for decades to come.

Retaining Value

They are incredibly well-made cars, as any owner of a vintage Benz will tell you. They don’t lose that special feeling and if the vehicle is looked after, it will remain as impressive and luxurious as it was the day you bought it. If the car is in good condition, you can expect an excellent return on your investment.

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