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Mini is a legend. More than five million were produced from 1959-2000, making it the most popular British-made vehicle in history. Even Enzo Ferrari had one. Recent times have seen BMW supply German influence to the British carmaker and they have become more sensible without sacrificing charm.

About Mini Vehicles

A Mini Cooper is the fun way to from A to B in style. They are fashionable and entertaining to drive. This is partly due to their heritage (gold medals at the Monte Carlo Rally in ‘64, ‘65 and ‘67) and their current partnership with driver-focused BMW. The Germans have helped them stay relevant by pairing style with sense.

Minis are not that small anymore. The 2015 Cooper is longer, taller and wider than the original. But, by growing out, Minis have been able to grow up. Comfort, equipment and safety have all improved significantly without compromising on the fun-factor that sets Mini apart. This extends to the bigger Clubman and Countryman nameplates that have helped Mini access customers looking for greater practicality.

Mini Resale Value Analysis

Safe, stylish and instantly recognisable, Minis are highly desirable. However, they appeal to a specific market. Someone that values space over style will not choose one. They’re not cheap either. Minis sit in the odd niche of little luxury cars. The standard Cooper is priced at around R7000.00 more than the range-topping Hyundai Elantra, which is bigger, has better equipment and a superior warranty. Mini is not the car for everyone for this reason.

Retaining Value

Minis retain their value well because they are desirable and carry decent demand, but they are not top sellers because they prioritise style over substance. You can expect a solid return on your investment, but the resale value on your Mini is not going to match Toyota or VW.

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