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Mitsubishi is a Japanese automaker that was founded in 1917 and is headquartered in Tokyo. They are renowned being competitive in motorsport and have a long-standing commercial partnership with famous actor Jackie Chan.

About Mitsubishi Vehicles

Mitsubishi is as synonymous with motorsport as a car company can be. They are record 12-time Dakar Rally champions and won the gruelling race seven times in a row from 2000-2007. No other carmaker has managed to do that. They are also champions of the street racing scene. There cars are famous for being extremely tough and easy to modify. Drivers have been known to apply various aftermarket additions to improve the speed, handling, grip and appearance of their cars with little or no adverse effect on the vehicle itself.

They are also renowned for their high calibre of 4x4 vehicles. The Outlander and Pajero SUVs are comfortable on almost any terrain and will often outperform more expensive cars that are equipped with superior technology. It takes a lot for a Mitsubishi to get stuck. Like Subaru, their 4WD drivetrains are legendary and this makes them formidable both on tarmac and off the beaten track.

Mitsubishi Resale Value Analysis

Mitsubishi vehicles are solid and reliable, but do not benefit from the magnetism that defines more desirable brands. They are extremely capable though, and have the trust of the market as a result. Resale value on these cars is not as strong as you’ll find in a Toyota, but is vastly superior to the French brands.

Retaining Value

Like its compatriots, Mitsubishi cars retain their value fairly well. You should make a healthy return on your investment when you look to sell. One model to be cautious with is the Lancer Evo, as the people who drive them have a reputation of pushing their cars to the limit on a regular basis.

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