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Nissan was founded in 1933 in Yokohama, Japan, where the headquarters of the company remain to this day. It is a little-known fact that Renault and Nissan have invested money in one another, with Renault owning a bigger share in Nissan than Nissan does in Renault.
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They get the job done and there is a Nissan available that is perfect for any task. Take the family on a holiday off the beaten track in the sturdy X-Trail. Attack hairpins on a racetrack in the visceral GTR. Make a statement in the city by arriving in the environmentally-friendly Leaf.

Nissans are honest, efficient and reliable. They are also practical and unassuming (the quirky Juke aside) and tend to offer class-leading practicality. The Japanese automaker is defined by producing cars that are built for purpose so that they are as effective in their role as possible. The GTR is a prime example of this, with James May arguing that if you are interested in pure driving above all else, it is the only car to buy.

Nissan Resale Value Analysis

An unquestioned reputation sees Nissan as one of the leaders of value retention. They have produced excellent cars for many years and fully deserve the brand recognition that they have. They share their reputation for reliability with fellow Japanese brands Toyota, Honda and Mazda. The South African market knows and trusts Nissan. If you are in the market to sell and your car is in good condition, the demand for your vehicle will be high.

Retaining Value

Reliability has become a byword for decent resale value. Nissans perform really well in this regard and you can expect a substantial return on your investment when you look to sell. If all goes well, you shouldn’t struggle to find the right buyer either - Nissans are high-demand vehicles.

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