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Opel produced their first car in 1902 after starting out making bicycles and sewing machines. Today, they are the second-largest car manufacturer in Germany behind the VW Group. Opel offers Germany’s renowned quality at competitive prices and that makes them a hit in South Africa.

About Opel Vehicles

Opel is unique in our market. German cars have a certain reputation but Opel is rarely mentioned with Mercedes, BMW, Audi or even VW. Opel is perceived as being more affordable but of a lower calibre than their compatriots. This reputation is only partly deserved. They make some of the most exciting cars on the market right now, including the funky Adam and the remarkable 2016 Astra. That’s before mentioning the OPC derivatives.

The Rüsselsheim-based company has addressed past criticisms of their interior quality by producing some of the most impressive cabins around. Put the Golf VI and the new Astra next to one another and there is very little to choose between them. It’s a close enough comparison that the winner can be determined on preference and that’s a huge compliment to Opel. The Golf was World Car of the Year 2013 after all.

Opel Resale Value Analysis

The Germans have few complaints in this regard. The brand has a good reputation in South Africa and our market trusts them. They sit in the bracket between their German compatriots and competition from Japan. That’s a great place to be as far as resale value is concerned. Opel is respected and desirable; their resale value reflects that.

Retaining Value

Opels retain their value well. The majority of South Africans have a positive or neutral opinion of them. When most people have good things to say about a brand, it tends to perform well in the secondhand market and Opel is no exception. Expect a decent return on your investment when you look to sell.

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