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Peugeot is a European juggernaut and is the second-largest car manufacturer on the continent. They have come a long way since their beginnings as a coffee mill in 1810. Back in 1896, a Peugeot became the first car in history to be officially reported as stolen, which is ironic for one of the lowest hijack risk vehicles on the market.

About Peugeot Vehicles

The French giants are not as influential in South Africa as they are in international markets. They have a reputation for prioritising quirk over consistency. The recent parts crisis that derailed the popularity of French cars in South Africa didn’t help. You could get your Toyota or VW fixed in a couple of days if something broke. Peugeot? A few weeks, perhaps.

Peugeot are striving to repair that mistrust and things are turning around. They make compelling products these days. The 208 and 308 hatchbacks are fabulous and their GTi derivatives provide genuine concern for Ford and VW - the leaders in the hot hatch market.

Peugeot Resale Value Analysis

They make attractive cars with great interiors, class-leading safety and comprehensive list of standard features. They have also protected the eccentricities that set them apart, like the tiny steering wheel that sits under the instrument cluster.

However, Peugeots are not great sellers here. Even people that like Peugeot and would consider buying one might be put off by their reputation, knowing that they won’t get a great return on their investment. That opens up the opportunity for a good deal on a low mileage Peugeot in the secondhand market, though.

Retaining Value

Peugeot are working to set the record straight and their performance in the market is improving. They are improving the cars that are popular in our market, including hatchbacks, crossovers and compact SUVs. We trust that they can achieve their commercial goals without sacrificing the personality that sets them apart.

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