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Renault is one of Europe’s largest carmakers and have been since they started making their own engines in 1904. The French government owns a 15% stake in the company and the diamond-shaped logo is synonymous with the country. Renault are also motorsport pioneers, having won the first ever Grand Prix in 1906.

About renault Vehicles

Renaults are stylish from the outside and safe from the inside. They showed their bold side when the latest Clio launched in 2014 and ditched the CD drive. It was controversial but proved savvy as cars moves towards wireless infotainment systems. Their technological prowess is most evident in their RS versions, which remain some of the most exciting cars available. The racing DNA in the flagship models has filtered down to the entry-level Clios and Meganes, which are ditching their stodgy dynamics by becoming more engaging to drive.

Their collaboration with Dacia has enabled them to access previously untapped markets. The Sandero and Duster are hits South Africa. These models offer a high level of safety and standard specification to emerging markets and have improved Renault’s reputation in regions where customers remain sceptical.

renault Resale Value Analysis

The French automaker has poor resale value because South Africans have a widely-held belief that they are unreliable and take forever to fix. This was true 10 years ago and though things have improved, a reputation takes a while to repair. Soon, people that like Renault won’t have to worry about poor resale value because demand will increase.

Retaining Value

It is true that Renaults are not as reliable as Toyotas or as engaging as Mazdas. But they are safer, more refined and more stylish than most of the competition. You won’t get a fantastic return on your investment, but that’s the price you pay for a stylish car that stands out in a crowd. CarZar will offer you a fair price when you sell your Renault.

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