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Subaru is a celebrated Japanese automaker founded in 1953 and they offer incredible performance for the price. This is helped by the fact that all production Subarus come standard with AWD, with the exception of the BRZ sportscar (which is RWD).

About Subaru Vehicles

The Japanese manufacturer is revered by enthusiasts worldwide. Their looks aren’t for everyone, but they prioritise dynamic quality over aesthetics. Their trademark boxer engines improve centre of gravity and therefore handling. Permanent AWD means that a Subaru is a quiet family car or a fierce driving machine, depending on your mood.

However, Subaru is about more than speed and grip. Their AWD heritage means that their off-roaders are amongst the most capable around. They are extremely well built and 96% of Subarus bought in the last 12 years are alive and well today. Affordability, performance and reliability means that Subaru is held in high esteem.

Subaru Resale Value Analysis

Intuition would have you believe that Subarus have fantastic resale value. Unfortunately, South Africa has a limited dealership network. Parts can be difficult to come by. Then there is the reputation of Subaru drivers, who are thought to drive aggressively and tend to be fond of modifying their cars.

Despite making reliable cars that offer versatility and performance in abundance (and at a fair price), Subarus do not have great resale value. They are better performers in the secondhand market than the French brands, but not as solid as most of their compatriots or the Germans competing in the same class.

Retaining Value

Subaru is a desirable brand to a certain buyer. Subaru simply isn’t for everybody, even though the informed consumer knows that they have a lot to offer. The result is a brand that doesn’t retain value particularly well. Don’t expect a brilliant return on your investment when you look to sell.

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