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Suzuki was late on the mainstream motoring scene. They produced their first series motorbikes and cars in 1952 and 1955 respectively and have covered a lot of ground since then. They are specialists in making light, efficient vehicles for owners that have a sense of adventure.
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About Suzuki Vehicles

Suzuki adds another name to the long list of acclaimed Japanese carmakers. They are affordable, efficient and reliable, like Toyota, Honda and the rest of their compatriots. However, they also have characteristics that differentiate them. They are prolific manufacturers of motorcycles and the sense of freedom and fun captured in their bikes is also present in their cars. The chief example of this is the Jimny mini-SUV. It is hugely capable and regularly outperforms more established and expensive 4x4s off the beaten track.

They cater to the customer that is looking for an honest product at a fair price. They don’t claim to be the fastest, most luxurious or have the best equipment. They are unassuming and go about their business without drawing attention or making a fuss. They do the job and do it well.

Suzuki Resale Value Analysis

The Japanese brand is not the most glamourous on the market and their desirability does suffer as as a result. But resale value is about more than desirability. Suzikis are thought of as capable, reliable, and good value for money. That makes them fairly strong performers in the secondhand market.

Retaining Value

South Africans consider them to be good cars built for purpose. We like their no-nonsense attitude. They are honest, which makes them easier to trust. You can expect an acceptable return on your investment when you look to sell your Suzuki.

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