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Toyota has sold more than 30 million Corollas worldwide and is the largest standalone car manufacturer in the world. As a testament to their durability, 80% of Toyotas made 20 years ago are still on the road. Get a free valuation for your Toyota today!

About Toyota Vehicles

The legendary car brand is a staple of Mzanzi’s automotive industry. From the bulletproof Hilux to the effervescent 86, Toyota has captured the hearts and minds of South Africans for decades. They have made the perfect car for every person and every occasion.

The fact that they excel in both private and commercial markets highlights how highly they are regarded.

Toyota Resale Value Analysis

There is no doubt that Toyota is one of the most celebrated and successful car manufacturers in the world. They are class leaders in almost every segment when it comes to sales and reliability.

They have earned their solid reputation by building cars that can surpass the 500 000 kilometre mark with no problem at all.

Retaining Value

Great reputation and high demand means good resale value. That’s a big part of the Japanese manufacturer’s appeal. You can expect a good return on your investment when you buy Toyota. They dominate sales for cars of all shapes and sizes, setting the benchmark for reliability and value in every segment.

Finding the right buyer for your car is hard, even if it is a Toyota. You could trade in your car and you might get a better deal on your new car, but our experience in this industry has taught us that cash is powerful. You should not have to compromise. A trade in means you might have to.

CarZar will buy your car for cash so that you have freedom of choice with your next purchase. If you want to sell your Toyota, complete our valuation to get started.