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Volvo’s association with safety did not come about coincidentally. The Swedes invented the seatbelt over 50 years ago and deliberately avoided patenting the feature, believing that the world needed safety more than the brand needed money and fame.

About Volvo Vehicles

Volvo has experienced a staggering resurgence recently. The Swedes have always had a strong presence in Europe, but they were suffering in the South African market 10 years ago. We tend to favour presence over subtlety and they suffered for it.

That’s in the past because Volvo means business now. The revolution started in 2012 with the acclaimed V40 hatchback and was followed up by the XC-90 luxury SUV and S90 executive saloon. All three models showcase the brand’s fresh direction. They are producing cars that challenge the benchmark for design, luxury and technology. Nothing has changed regarding their obsession with safety.

Volvo Resale Value Analysis

Their cars have a reputation for being difficult to sell. Resale value is linked with demand and brand reputation. Volvo’s reputation is improving by the day because their products match or exceed their rivals in every department. This leads to an increase in consumer trust and market share, which improves resale value. Volvo is a genuine rival for the other European superpowers and more South Africans are becoming wise to that fact.

Retaining Value

Volvo won’t gain great resale value overnight. However, they have made recent progress that most people would not have thought possible. Their cars are excellent and they have a lot to offer South Africans. Our market is brand conscious and brand loyal but the Swedes are convincing us to break old habits. Their reputation is improving and you can expect the return on your investment to do the same when you look to sell your Volvo.

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