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All you need to know to sell your car privately.

Selling privatly


How to Sell Your Car Privately

If you’re looking to sell your car, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll find information and resources to help you facilitate the sale of your car safely and smartly. There is paperwork and other admin to get through, but selling your car does not have to cause a headache. Our guide will cover the following:

  • Private Sale Basics
  • Forms and Paperwork
  • Vehicle Sales Contracts
  • Car Valuation Tools

Before We Begin

The first thing to remember is that the new owner will need to be provided with the relevant documents in order for them to transfer the car correctly and register it in their name. This is crucial because you will remain responsible for the car (legally speaking) until the Department of Transport is aware that it no longer belongs to you. Keep this in mind throughout the process because getting a speeding fine or going to jail because of someone else is very unpleasant.

How to Begin

Before you advertise your car anywhere, make sure you’ve sorted out the following:

  • Cosmetics -- If there are any cosmetic issues with the car (bad scratches, dents, torn upholstery, cracked glass, etc), get that fixed.
  • Mechanical -- If there are any mechanical/technical problems, get them repaired. These issues can’t be seen from the outside, but a test drive will reveal the truth.
  • Valet Treatment -- Get the car cleaned and polished, inside and out. The better the car looks, the more likely you are to make the sale and the better the price will be.

After you’ve done all that, your car is ready to be viewed and tested. Now it’s time for paperwork.

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