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All you need to know to sell your car privately

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About the Seller’s Toolkit

Thinking about selling your car? Or, are you trying to figure out how to sell your used car and at the same time, get the best car resale value out of it?

First thing’s first…

Depreciation is a major factor when calculating the value of a second-hand car. Your car’s value will depreciate as soon as it touches the road. However, the rate of depreciation decreases as the car gets older. Thus, the sooner you sell it, the more cash you will receive!
But, safety and security are the biggest risks when selling your car privately. This means dealing with the hassle of consistent calls, meeting strangers, handling test drives, etc. You will also be placing yourself at risk of scams, fraud or even theft!

Knowing how to sell your second hand car for cash can therefore reduce all the hassle and haggle that come with private car sales. This where CarZar’s seller’s toolkit can help!

From private car sale basics to valuation tools, paperwork and sales contracts, CarZar kits second hand car sellers with all the tools and knowledge required to sell a car seamlessly.

Ready to sell your car? Let’s get started...

The saying, “First impression counts”, is definitely something that all second hand car sellers should consider before booking a car viewing; especially if you want to get the most value out of your car.

Would you be interested in an advert showcasing an old, rusty second hand car? If you want to attract the perfect car buyer, it is important that your used vehicle is not only in perfectly running condition, but also cosmetically appealing. Get your car cleaned, damages repaired, ensure there are no tyre or upholstery wear-and-tear, windscreen chips or cracks, and no active dashboard warning lights.

Now your vehicle is ready to enter the second hand car market!