The Best Way to Sell your Car

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Parting with your car can be more challenging than some people think it is. There are many reasons why people would want to sell their car, these reasons can have a direct impact on the method you use to sell your car.

Looking for a higher price ? At your inspection, you can choose “Option 1” to receive instant cash in hands; or if you’re looking for a greater price, select “Option 2” to advertise your car to dealers nationwide for 48-hours and get the best price directly from the market. Book An Inspection Now!

For instance, if you need instant cash for whatever reason, selling your car immediately on classified websites such as Gumtree could be…well…tricky. The car selling experience on online classifieds is known to be very time consuming, it’s never short of hagglers, harassers and hustlers. Some people prefer the traditional means of selling their vehicle, the good old fashioned black and white advertisement plastered on your windscreen that says “ For Sale”.  This is a lot like blind dating, you just don’t know who is going to rock up at your door with roses or a gun, complete strangers will have access to your name and WhatsApp contact.

Time… time is ultimately what it will boil down to. So unless you have the time to meet up with potential buyers while answering calls and emails, you might need to consider something a lot more convenient for your schedule. There is also the tedious paperwork involved with selling your car personally.

The best way to sell a car is through an online car buying service like CarZar, you’re guaranteed safety, competency, convenience and transparency during your car selling experience. We also handle all the paperwork on behalf of sellers and provide them with instant payment.

With CarZar, sellers can sell their car at any friendly Car Buying Centres in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. If you cannot make it to CarZar’s CBC’s, we’ll send our inspectors to your preferred location. CarZar JHB, CT and KZN brings ultimate convenience to your doorstep.

So, how does it work?

All you need to do is follow THREE quick and easy steps:

STEP 1: On, enter your vehicle’s make, model, mileage and year – Our unique algorithm will generate an estimated quote, based on the car’s current selling price.

STEP 2: Book your free inspection at any one of CarZar’s Car Buying Centres in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban; or at your preferred location, to which we’ll send our expert inspectors – It’s also obligation-free!

STEP 3: Seal the deal and receive instant payment into your account – We’ll also take care of all the necessary paperwork for you.

But among every other online car buyer in South Africa, why CarZar?

CarZar makes selling your used car online a positive and seamless experience. What makes CarZar distinct to every other online car buyer or online quote calculator is our unique algorithm. When calculating your free instant online quote, our unique algorithm uses national data to provide fair, stats-based pricing based on market trends and previous transaction histories.

But it’s not just the numbers, digits, facts and figures that make CarZar special. The golden thread woven into the fabric of the company is the desire to solve problems. At CarZar, we remove the challenges involved in the process of selling a car and replace it with a seamless one.

Get your free instant online quote on, book your free inspection and receive instant cash in hands after you accept the final offer.

Sell you car in 30-minutes! With CarZar, selling your car has never been easier.